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Timi Eross Holistic Branding Specialist

Be the proud owner of an outstanding and

successful brand

Level up your business

My holistic branding approach helps you grow a credible and professional business that’s going to stick in people’s minds.

I help ambitious business owners to create or improve their business presence which reflects quality and enhances the customer’s experience to its maximum.


Web design

Graphic design



Visualise your story

I’m combining business, marketing and design skills to purposefully build and revamp business images by resonating with your personality and values.

I make sure to focus on authenticity, aesthetics and functionality to uplift your brand image, tell your story and bridge a meaningful connection with your customers.

Behind the scenes

Hi, I’m Timi, a Brand Specialist, Web and Graphic Designer and Photographer.

Having a marketing, business management background, I always had a passion for photography and design.

I’m combining my wide range of skills to elevate your business in a professional way.


I’m working with motivated professionals to help them achieve their vision.

Whilst the Portfolio pages are in progress, take a look below at some of the projects that I’ve been working on…


"Timi is a fantastic designer!! Our website was in need of a complete redesign and as soon as I spoke with Timi I felt totally confident that she'd do an amazing job. Her vision and ideas were spot on! We're really pleased with our website, it looks very modern and is a million times better than it used to be. Thank you Timi!"


Steven – Founder at Starlight-Digital

"Timi is by far one of the best photographers I have ever worked with, and I don’t say this lightly. She also has one of the best eyes for detail when it comes to branding, design, and her experience of marketing is second to none and has lent itself for me to get the results every time. She has never let me down and the high quality and standard of what she provides me at the end of each project are by far the most consistent I’ve ever had from anyone I’ve worked within these particular fields.”


Jonathan – Psychotherapist & Author

"I was in dire need of a whole website and branding revamp and found Timi. She has been absolutely great in understanding my business and translating my vision into images, colours and logo. Super responsive and extremely professional, I have already recommended Timi to a few colleagues and would do to anyone out there."


Maria – Therapist and Hypnotherapist

"Timi is a true creative in every sense of the word. She is an incredibly talented brand specialist and her photography is off the scale good. She is always armed with fantastic ideas, an amazing creative vision, as well as up to the minute strategic branding input. She cares deeply about her work and delivers bang on brief time after time. I cannot recommend her highly enough, whether you’re looking for someone to deliver your branding shoot, or take lifestyle shots of your children!"


SHEREEN – Executive Business Coach

"Timi created an absolutely stunning website for me recently which I adore! We started with a photo shoot so we had fresh images that could be used for the website and social media. Timi has a way with the camera and the photos were gorgeous. The design and development process was really smooth and she really honored my wishes for the look and style. I have absolutely loved working with her, so much so I've commissioned her to do the website for our Birth Pool Hire business!"


ALISSIA – Doula and Coach

Brand photography

Give across the feeling of life through your brand imagery so people will crave to be your customers.

Bamboo Shoots Photography is our sister brand where we are showcasing our photography work. Have a look!